Jun 20, 2011

E transportation..

I was wondering around the busy streets of Davao City and discovered this cute vehicle.I thought for a while it is owned by a certain individual. Just then I saw them park in a corner waiting for their passenger. So as I approached the driver ask many questions:

 How much is the fare? 
      It depends upon the mileage. It ranges from 5- 10 pesos.

How many passengers are allowed?
 Four to six for children and 3 to 4 for adults . 

How many hours does it need  to be charged?

It is charged for almost 2-4 hours. They have to pay to the owner of the bake shoppe. They ask permission to used  their electricity for charging.

How many units  available in the city?
    They have 15 units being used around the city.

    I find this vehicle nature friendly. It can never cause congestion because it only use small space. But the question lingers on my mind that the cost of electricity is rising. How can it help the driver to have a good income? Till the next chatting with driver.


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  3. Hi Chloe,
    Monday night visit u here. I never see this in Malaysia.....

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