Aug 20, 2011

Coconut Milk Extractor

                         Coconut milk is very important especially in making BIKO .Or shall we say sweetened sticky rice. It is the essential ingredient for that dish. When I was young, I would frowned when my tatay will call me to do the dirty job which is getting the meat of the coconut by using a wooden chair with a sharp teeth at the end of it. We call it “kaguran”. I always hurt myself because I cannot control it. Sometimes I would beg my elder brother to do for it.
                               My father stayed in the USA for quite some time. He still cooked the bike. But this time he is using the canned coconut milk. It has improved a lot. Though it doesn’t have the same juiciness’ or freshness shall we say from the raw coconut meat. People tend to invent some things to make life easier. So they have the electric coconut meat grinder. But it is still tasking because you need to purge the milk by using your bare hands. I still find it tiring sometimes.
During my mom’s 82nd birthday, we wanted to cook again BIKO. But this time I have discovered a much easier and less tasking way in purging the milk. I called it coconut milk extractor. You see the woman here just place a kilo of fresh grated coconut milk in her magnificent machine. Just before my very eyes the coconut milk dripping from that machine. I was really amazed to see such invention worth keeping especially in making some desserts in the future. I am happy really for this coconut milk extractor. Bravo!!! Well done. Good innovations.


  1. We call it kudkuran in Cebu! Lami jud nang coconut milk fresh from the kudkuran.

  2. My co-worker makes biko from time to time and brings it to the office for everyone. I know what hard work it is to cook. That milk extractor sure helps a lot :)

    The Twerp and I

  3. It is no easy to cut a cooconut, but i love milk and creamof the coconut,for women it is more easy with this her magnificent machine help a lot;)
    Greeting from Belgium

  4. your link was add to my site, thank u :)

  5. Here in Sarawak a more ancient way is used to squeeze the coconut milk.

  6. love BIKO and other native delicacies.. left you a kiss, girl! hope you kiss me back..

    by the way, do you mind checking out on Pricey Bikey?

  7. Hi Chloe,
    Monday morning visit u here. Sorry for my late response, I was quite bz fulfilling cookies order for our festive celebration. I prefer to use pure coconut milk squeezed by our own hand rather than canned coconut milk, it taste better.