May 7, 2011

Eye Protector

          Its summer time, everybody seems to be looking forward for a deep. Get your swimsuit.  You cannot enjoy the day because of scorching heat and gleam of the sunrays. So better have eye protector.
           My kids decided to buy some cool sun glasses. They went to a store and they found these colourful ones. They choose these because it is the fashion and everybody in the school uses it. They thought it would really protect them from the light. For a start they struggle about it. I know they don’t mind. They enjoy wearing it.
           As I was watching them with their new found sunglasses? I couldn’t help but ask. How sure you are that it really protects your eyes? So I tried to put it on. For me it doesn’t fit. I mean the lens. I am using a graded eye glasses already. So it makes my eyes watery. It does protect but not to the maximum level.
           We continue to enjoy the rest of the day with a glee on our face against the gleam of the sun. I continue to enjoy them as they continue to switch.


  1. Cool sunglasses!

    Happy mother's day!

  2. hi chloe, i have already added you in my blogroll last friday :) you can visit me again and check "Roll with super sam!" section. Thanks... :)

  3. Need sun glasses to protect our from the rays of the sun.

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