May 5, 2011

So long Tatay Pete..We will surely miss you..

    Its been a long a tiring thirteen nights and day for all of us. We lost our very own father "Tatay Pete".We where expectant with the event but until now I am still holding on that he is here with me.He was diagnosed with stage 4 urinary bladder. Its really shocking . I know he is at peace with the Lord.
       I was amazed as the news spread to every relatives, friends,and even former co workers and neighbors. People who visited seems to be my first time to meet. They told many great works where my father have done.Good deeds behind compare. Lessons learned. The laughter they shared during their acquaintances. My father is  in indeed have all the good qualities. Sometimes I misunderstood him. I may felt bitter and bad.
        As  I reflected in all his good qualities. I stand at wonder. That's why my father spent his 89 years in the world. His legacy will go on. That even on his last night, people flock just to see him and witness his last wake. It so happened that it was my brothers 37th birthday. Yet we celebrated it with some cakes and some food for everyone to enjoy.
        Since my father is  a  WW II veteran , we gave him the 21 gun salute. The soldiers gave the first shot  which startled me to cry. I couldn't help it . It seems that it is the end of him. A  sign for me to start my year with out having a Tatay by my side. Right now, I am having some hopes and wishes that all my dreams and tatay's dream for us will be fulfilled in due time.
         So long Jolly JUPITER. We will surely miss you.


  1. i know the feeling of losing someone whom you really love. my father died last oct. 2010 at the age of 87. i was there in the phils. for two weeks to see my father for the time and be there for my mother, brothers and sisters.

  2. my condolences to your whole family

  3. We are all fine now. But there are times we cannot take it away the feeling of some one missing.

  4. its a nice feeling to be with your father..happy mothers day to you...can we exchange links?

  5. May he rest in peace...