Apr 10, 2011

Manong with Gadgets

      One Saturday morning, I went to the market. I need to walk through a sky walk. I noticed a man with plenty of plastic packs around his body. I gaze to this strange looking man ahead of me. I was curious why he has all the plastics in his arms. I continue to follow him and to my amazement.
              A walking handyman store.  He is selling. He seems to be jolly talking and walking. He continues to chant some words to convince the possible costumer. He will try to stop by every group of people and small stores along the road.  He has a decent and fascinating job. He is a walking handy man. He sells from moth balls, tooth brush, hangers, clips, thread and needles and different sizes of cleaning materials in the house. This kind of business is profit oriented. His goods are none perishable. It can last forever.  It doesn’t need any space to rent on. He can move from one place to another.
              I continue to observe him and this are the things I noticed.
   He sits in a small sitting area.   He has big smile. He always have welcoming note to elude buyers. He has a bubbling personality. Right there and then he e sold already some moth balls and some cleaning materials just in one area.  As he continues to walk and walk until the sun sets off. And wakes up in the morning with assurance someone will buy for their needs today.
             I just love to see people making money with their own ways. They continue to face the hardship in the positive way. They love what they are doing rather than being a parasite. They face every day with grin in their face. You will never know they will be of help to you too.


  1. patunay lang sis na kung gusto mong kumita may paraan...:)

  2. Right attitude + Sipag for this man. God bless him.

  3. I admire those people who work hard. Nakakaawa rin yung mga namamalimos, pero minsan, mas malalaki pa ang katawan sa akin, they can work if they want to! May paraan kung gugustuhin, marami lang talagang tamad na tao... Yung iba nang ho holdap or snatch ng gamit, unlike nitong tao na sinabi mo Chloe, tinitiis ang init ng sikat ng araw, ang pagod ang init... Nakikipag sapalaran kung may mabenta man or wala, masaya pa rin at namumuhay ng marangal! May the Lord bless him! God bless! =)

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