Feb 16, 2010

free day

 I took the day off just to be with my sick daughters. I just couldn't believe it two in a row. The first one got fever with a nosebleed. The other with fever and asthma. I need to be with them. I am also not feeling well for the past days. How difficult it may seems but I need to to this not because I am obligated.  I am their mother. Just like a hen as she continue to scratch the soil to look for food. Her are eyes are circling just to be aware the where about of  her chicks. Funny it may seems, the chicks also follow where their mother hen is going. But their also some hard headed  chicks willing to discover other area for food. And when encountered with danger they will run back to their mother for a shelter. A free day  is not free at all. But free day from all the students nuisance gestures and sounds. Free from negative accusations from "perfect parents". What a day of solemn solace. Is it? Knowing I need to take care of my kids. Good they  are not  as naughty as I have in school. Free for a day. Have fun and take the day as free as ever.

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