Feb 22, 2010

Paying Bills

       I have been waiting for almost two hours just to be entertained . I couldn't believed it. But i waited since I don't have any appointment . While waiting my eyes was roaming around the place. The place seems so clean and presentable. Its fully airconditioned. It seems to have a system but they lack manpower. Can you imagine two clerks entertaining almost thirty customers waiting to be answered and problems to be solved. Then an elder woman was seated next to me. She open a conversation about paying bills. That she came from paying light bills and cable as well. She came here to complain about her gadget which she purchase from this office. So as we continue to talk .  She noticed that  customer service booth have only two to entertained. She said  in the other billing office they are different and really efficient . They have plenty of clerks and cashier to entertained us. It will only takes  five minutes. Then off you go to the next office. This billing office is far beyond compare to the other one. "she complained. So she went out and left. I couldn't imagine waiting for the next thirty minutes. When I was entertained about my inquiry I was shocked to hear her reply "No, Yes this is what you are suppose to pay".That's it. a Big Bang. Waiting for almost three hours. How cruel are you to waste my three hours? Hope our billing system will be more efficient.

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