Feb 21, 2010

Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig

An 8 hours drive makes me crazy . The road was so rough and as if you are in the rocky road. But you cannot believed the tall good lumber trees. Mahogany,  Narra , Apitong and Red Wood. The temperature is raising and I really felt the fog coming. In this place you just  can tour the place in three hours by walking. They have best the school. It is good for foreigners because the place is cool. You can never imagine that you will see also the best falls. Tinuy -an  Falls is the most favorite relaxing place for the locals. They really enjoys the place and what it can offer. The height is so amazing. Especially if you dare to reach the top of the falls. The current is strong and water is so clear. Every now and then you will see a dew drops because of the current of the water falls. Summer is approaching. You will see some arch of rainbow forming.  Try it you will never regret it.  

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