Nov 24, 2011

Kim's Encampment

It was her first to try  also this  kind of game. She find it difficult  yet she keep on trying to balance with it. She love doing it again and again.

It was a Friday morning that Kim is so excited to go. She will be attending the Encampment in their school. She will have some activities that's seems to be her first. Kim's first exposure to origami.It may not be that perfect or good. But as I looked into her eyes.It connotes she is very proud of her master piece.

I am willing to support her for the upcoming camping outside the campus. It may be early for her to take care of her self.But I know with the training ,exposure and experience she will be undergoing it will be worth a try. I may be pampering her for I will always be at her side. Just wondering how is she coping with the physical challenges. Kim may you enjoy every activity .More art works and worthwhile activity with your other star scout..

Nov 7, 2011

whch is which

We will be having a grand  alumni homecoming on December. So we need to have some head dress for our costume. I have a friend to be help me and to represent the group.So I took the liberty to take her pictures so that the group can decide immediately.
would you prefer orchids like this or kinda exotic
Or more on the Caribbean look.Until now we are undecided which one to use. 

For me I choose the first one.Look so pretty on hair down style. Which is which?