Jul 12, 2012

A jazz lodges a transcript below a defensive hello

A jazz lodges a transcript below a defensive hello.

Jun 30, 2012


During  my college days I was fascinated with pen pals. I remembered a friend ask a picture of mine to be posted in a certain correspondence friendship. I find it very surprising. Imagine I will received almost two- three letters  coming from different countries. It was indeed an exciting experience. I can recall two bachelors coming from Papua New Guinea and Australia. They seems to enjoy the idea of sending letters to me. Updating each other about the daily endeavours was their main purpose. But it didn’t last because the postage stamps get higher in cost.

Now a days it really change from pen pals to net buddies and eventually online dating sites, I really find this site so net friendly. Why? Just in one click you see already what on this site. They have the welcome which expresses the idea of the service they render. Aside from that they have features also like the new users for  first timers to join. You will also be guided to whom you wanted to be most attached by looking at their most friendly users. Photos are also rated. You also see the number of active users both men and women. Some will be sending greetings to you because they have  the birthday corner. They have it all in just one click. Single ladies and men check this site it you might find your only one.

Jun 19, 2012

Social Clerks

Social Clerks is a new social networking rolled in different uses. I find the logo so catchy with blue and yellow. As I browse and open some inputs regarding the website. I find it so jammed with lots of info’s. For first timer like me I need to explore what’s in store for me. I found out that as you sign in you have already two credits. You can accumulate more by following some sites as well making referrals to your friends. The more credits you gain you can eventually can post some business and some followers to follow you.

The site is open for all network and businesses. Not only for big but they cater also for small businesses. You can search for your favorite  and new updates on youtube. Actually can have much more activity in just one click online. What in store also is as you continue to click like on any item posted their gave you a certain points. In return you can also have the chance to post also and increase the number of traffic visiting you site as well as your blog. It would mean gaining more fans gaining more point and gaining friends as well.

Right now I am trying to explore what social clerks can offer to a mother like me. I ask some younger friends to join me in exploring  this social clerks. Others will say something new to use more traffic, more you tube to views and other will say more twitter follow exchange to check in just a click. I may not be as tekkie as the younger generation. But I would love to enjoy every application for me. And hoping that my blog will continue to be recognized and increase my fan too. Try it it would be fun.

Jun 3, 2012


I remembered so well the first time it touches my finger. I was eighteen years old. I couldn’t hide my feelings of being a lady that time with all the paints on it. I really felt good. I was influenced by my father. He always have his nails cleaned especially for special occasion. You can see also in his eyes the glow and how it brings happiness.

Until today, things have changed from the colors and the prints on it. It used to be just a single or double coat. They have changed the designs also they have stickers and precious stones to used .They really invented everything to make our fingernails in a glow.

Just this week I bumped into a brand which I know everybody familiar with. I may be the last to know it . I tell you I am so excited and fascinated how it changed the look of my fingernails. At first it so scary, my niece who always cleaned  it felt the same. It was her first time also to use this kind of nail polish.

We tried it .So it was indeed another adventure for my finger nails. I really find it  unique and a touch of art. I am challenged to explore the other side of nail art.

May 1, 2012

Kiamba Escapade' 12

We are all excited for our yearly family reunion.  This time we will be visiting relatives living at Kiamba, Saranggani Province.  It was a long 8hrs. drive from our place. Because we wanted to see some new and old relatives  as well as see their place again in different venue. They have house us in front of a beach. The air is fresh as well as the water is so enticing. The kids can’t help it after a meal they took a dive already. We arrived very early so we have the liberty to roam around the place.

While waiting for our turn for  island hopping. We saw a fish boat unloading some tuna fish .It was really an experience worth keeping. I asked the person to take some pictures. It was our first time to see fish with distinct names and sizes.

We played some tug and wars  for us to enjoy the afternoon. From children to adult alike.

We visited the newly construction of  Manny Pacquiao’s resort. We just intend to look from afar since we all packed in a big fish boat. It was indeed a deep blue sea.

It was indeed a reunion worth attending to. Next Year another place but with the same  relatives.

Mar 18, 2012

Scents of a woman

     As I grew up I am fascinated with the different scents of perfume brings. I couldn’t help to be amazed the ingenuity of each scents. People will be quoted with what they use. It might me naughty and nice. Cool waters. Others have really that much money that they wanted to have a scent exclusively for their use.
   Since I have three kids whose asthma attacks any time. I refrain from using them.. My two of my friends  gave  me  cologne wild a heart   and CK Truth . During my birthday a body splash Pleasures from Bath and body works. A niece of mine whom I visited  last weekend. Whose husband is working abroad as a seaman gave me a perfume not only one but five. I was really thrilled and happy. This year is  really a scent explosion for me. Smell me these ...umm.

Feb 6, 2012

42nd Luaua birthday

It was indeed a day worth remembering. I just turned 42 years old two days ago. Before that day I was busy preparing from theme to the food I wanted to served for my friends. I wanted something colorful and unique. When I posted some invitation on social network my friends get surprise and stress out .They were thinking of what will they wear since it comes with theme not familiar with them.  I took time to go to a bookstore just to buy the materials I needed. I am so exhausted but  I find it so enjoying. I am so excited .
When the day comes it was indeed so colorful. My cupcakes are all layered  in three. I place two candles with 42 on it. Some starfish  decorations.
Instead of placing some fruit bowl.I  made some  fruit basket. All in yellow fruit color. Fresh fruits on the stick. I place some dipping  for others to enjoy. On the other side, I place also some sticky rice  with some colorful toppings and a slice of  mango on a cup. My friends thought it is some ice cream. I said " a twist of something old".            
 I also prepared  some prizes to give especially for the most Luau girl for the day. The winner is  Rachel, a teacher by profession. I really appreciated  her very much for really taking  time to dress up for the occasion.She really spice up the day with her Hawaiian attire.
 We end the day with some dancing and singing. We enjoyed the rest of the day. It was a day to remember. I also ask my friends to put some wishes on my log

Jan 16, 2012

Pizza Eater Frenzy

          A friend of mine just arrived from the USA. She wanted to treat the group with some pizza. I don’t usually go out late night. I used to staying home with friends over. But this one is different a big pizza with friends in four different flavour. I find it  so amusing we had it during Cj’s birthday last year. This one is bigger its size  36’inches. We took the picture in front so that we can enjoy eating it. When the pizza arrived all of us seems to be thinking .Can we really consume all of it? 

      We dig in and enjoy the moment. We enjoyed the night with all memory recalling of our high school life. We shared some jokes we used to laughed at. The night ended with all the pizza gone. But we  continue to share stories and crushes we had before. Reunions indeed are nice to have once in a  while. Especially friends coming from out of the country. We may meet someday and in different place and time. Laughing and sharing some jokes and blessings will always be there.

Jan 6, 2012

Delightful dessert

During December there seems to be plenty of food around you. I have lots of shopping to do and things to buy before Christmas day. So I decided to have a snack on the nearby store where I shop. So I was there looking for some snacks. I saw plenty of salads and so expensive. So I bought the ice cream with crispy banana wrapped with lumpia. We call it “ turon”. It was indeed locally made. Just to my amaze three scoops of different flavour of ice cream and two sticks of crispy banana. Some  chocolate dips on the side on the plate to complete it. It was an afternoon I will never forget. It was indeed a good treat for me.

One day I sliced all the available fruits inside the fridge to make the breakfast of the day. I have some apples, ripe mango and banana on the plate. I saw some French bread. I sliced and toast it again just to complete my day. All the meat being presented during holidays seems to make me fed up with it. So a different breakfast will make my holiday a different approached. I enjoyed the rest of the day with my breakfast like that. One of my resolutions will be to make it a habit to eat a plate of fruits a day.

Jan 2, 2012

New Year @ GUIMARAS Island..

It was indeed a different New Year for all of us. It has been for 12 years that we never experienced a fireworks display. Davao city always celebrate it with a different bang. The sounds everywhere you go. Big sound boxes where on the streets for the countdown.

Last December 28, 2011 we attended an annual reunion on my father side relatives. We were able to meet some new found relative. They welcome us with a warm embrace. We do not like the fireworks .

Since our flight was moved to a latter days we decided to explore the Island of GUIMARAS. I have visited the place when I was very young. Now is different I am with whole family with the kids. An experienced worth keeping.

We arrived at Jordan Warf and took a jeepney to Raymen Resort which was located at ALOBIJOD. It took us 30 minutes boat ride and another one hour for the jeepney to reach our destinations. It was indeed new for all of us. Nobody from us knew the place .But it was indeed a secured place. Imagine white sand and islets from a far. Fresh air and people are all smiling to welcome us. 

The kids can’t wait to take a deep. We found out plenty of fresh catch fish for sale. Wow indeed a paradise island for us. More Guimaras escapade on the next post..........