Jun 27, 2011


Chorizo (Spanish:[tʃoˈɾiθo]; Galician: chourizo [tʃowˈɾiθo]; Portuguese: chouriço [ʃoˈɾisu]; Catalan: xoriço [ʃuˈɾisu]) is a term encompassing several types of pork sausage originating from the Iberian Peninsula. In English it is usually pronounced /tʃɵˈriːθoʊ/, /tʃɵˈriːzoʊ/, or /tʃɵˈriːsoʊ/, but sometimes /tʃɵˈriːtsoʊ/. from wikepedia.
When I was young I just love simply hotdogs. But when the day I tasted chorizo I really fell in love with it. I keep on asking my mom to buy me every week. It was so expensive then. I enjoyed looking at it especially when it pops up. I remember that it inside the pig’s intestine. Later on we have the skinless chorizo, without the skin of the pig’s intestine. We have it properly packed and ready to eat. Until now I enjoyed it especially that I intend to sell it so some of my friends and relatives for extra income. I have already tasted almost all chorizo in some local market. Mind you this one I am selling is guaranteed delicious and well recommended. Try some of your chorizos at home and let’s compare.

Jun 21, 2011

Fresh rice a.k.a Pinipig


Fresh young rice o.k. PINIPIG. I was waiting for my brother and his son to finished their biking time when a woman bringing a basket with green rice looking. The aroma was so enticing. It lingers in the air when she opens her basket. It is green and mouth watering smell. I find it very delicious .But I was wondering why is it green and soft. While the one I used to see back home is white and crunchy. This one is really different. They sell it 40 pesos for a small plastic can and 100 for a big plastic container. When I took a handful of it to my mouth it is tasty and soft. So I asked my mom about it. She said it the young rice being harvested and cooks. Others use pandan leaves to make it aromatic and green in colour. Another lessons learned about the dried pinipig I used to eat when I was young. For sure there are so many foods worth trying for.

Jun 20, 2011


               Every time I visits a place I always noticed the landscape and the there stones being used. I remembered during my younger days our house was made of wash out pebbles for our flooring. Though it is not known for its use I am into scrutinizing every detail.
              One time my father intends to buy house. He was very particular with structures and the possible expenses for the repairs. But to my amazement he chose the house because of the uniqueness of the tiles being used. The tiles in the floors really give meaning and elegant looking. They can also minimize scrubbing. These days tiles and other floor decors are in. Big houses and almost buildings have floor tiles.
            May they continue to produce some earth friendly materials such as old tires? I heard someone have already made some replicas on using old tires for flooring and other are still discovering.

E transportation..

I was wondering around the busy streets of Davao City and discovered this cute vehicle.I thought for a while it is owned by a certain individual. Just then I saw them park in a corner waiting for their passenger. So as I approached the driver ask many questions:

 How much is the fare? 
      It depends upon the mileage. It ranges from 5- 10 pesos.

How many passengers are allowed?
 Four to six for children and 3 to 4 for adults . 

How many hours does it need  to be charged?

It is charged for almost 2-4 hours. They have to pay to the owner of the bake shoppe. They ask permission to used  their electricity for charging.

How many units  available in the city?
    They have 15 units being used around the city.

    I find this vehicle nature friendly. It can never cause congestion because it only use small space. But the question lingers on my mind that the cost of electricity is rising. How can it help the driver to have a good income? Till the next chatting with driver.

Jun 12, 2011


Our fathers toil with hands and heart
To make our lives complete.
They quietly brave the winter cold,
Endure the summer heat.

Our fathers' lives are busy, but
There's always time for us.
They boldly face the ups and downs
And seldom ever fuss.

Our fathers are the greatest dads.
We know you know this, too.
But thank you for the chance to share
Our love for them with you.

 (c) by David A. Olds. 


    It would be my first Fathers Day with out my tatay beside me. It is indeed  painful. But life must go on everything will , as well as the time allows as to heals.
       We called them with some names but the  meaning is still the same " a male parent" according to wikipedia.Every third sunday of June people around world celebrates "FATHER'S DAY". 
        This very person have plenty of responsibilities.

PROVIDER. He works very hard to suffice the need of the family. 
DISCIPLINARIAN: His words are very powerful so with his strength to make some decisions.
FRIEND. His sport buddy and your listener.
DREAMER: His aspirations and wishes for you to success in every endeavor you take.
COMFORTER: He seems to know that you are hurt and you needed some shoulder to lean on.Or just someone who listens to your failures.

    He may have all the qualities of being the good father in the human standard. The question is are we the perfect or good son /daughter for him? Where we able to be the best man or woman because of this man? 
      Always remember the golden rule: Do unto others what you like others do unto you. How we really treat the father that we have right now? Are we doing our best ?
       As we celebrate FATHER'S DAY, be the best.

Jun 8, 2011

Tabako a.k.a TOBACCO

                    I grew up in a family with a father who doesn't smoke. So it was indeed a good environment. But sad to say I have a brother who smokes even though he has asthma. I couldn't believe it  that he dares to do it with his condition. Until the week my father died. He broke the news to us that he quits smoking. I cried inside because I know my father loves to see him quit smoking. 
            Last summer I visited La Union to see long lost relatives of my mom. It was my second time to visit the place. I still find it very interesting knowing I can still see plenty of tobacco plants grows everywhere. So I tried to see in person the leaves being air dried. They told me that it took weeks to do it.They also find that the tobacco it so very meticulous from its flower to the branches then to the leaves. As  I was the given the opportunity to see it up close. I find it amusing  , imagine the process to have a cigar  will take weeks and months just to have it on a stick of a cigarette. Then people tend to use the by product tobacco just in a wink of an eye. And now how it is being consume daily . From ages 11 to above have tried using it just to relieve a stress and maybe a feeling of fulfillment.I do not have against people who smokes. It is their choice.I do not even judge them . Just be very careful .

Jun 1, 2011

Black Pepper Experience

                                          I  have been using black pepper for my spices in almost all my choice dishes.  I always wanted to know what does it look like and how it is being process. 
                     When I visited my relative in La Union. My questions about the pepper makes me wonder more when I saw some vines in all the tree. Swarming like virus about to consume the trunk. When my aunt giving me the lecture about it. I couldn't believe my eyes. It started with a small branch. As it continue to grow it continue to cling to the tree. She added that the older and stronger the tree will be better to produce plenty of tiny seeds.Just like the picture. It is ready for harvest. It is good for air drying. And now you will have a black pepper ready for usage.