Sep 18, 2011

Keziah's first birthday

We attended a birthday party yesterday. It was Keziah's first birthday. We arrived very early. So I tried alluring the birthday girl that I will carry her. Sad to say I am a stranger to her. So what I did I keep on looking at her and making some funny faces but it did not convince her. Her mom told us that it is her sleepy time and yet she did not sleep. She knew that there will be relatives, neighbours and friends who will celebrate her birthday. The food was great especially the home made palabok. I couldn’t help but eat more than two servings. She shared to me her ingredients some noodles cooked and drained, in another pan sauté some garlic and onions, then set aside. Place some pork fats until it becomes crunchy and less fats. The place some slices of pork lean and some shrimps. Place some chitcharon and then put some chopped spring onions for garnishing.  You have it and it was indeed delicious. I just love eating to parties especially for some food sold in commercial fast food and being served. I enjoyed the party the giggles of some kids as they play. 

Sep 7, 2011

Escapade of Milk Fish

My father loved this dish very much. Bangus with puso ng saging (bananas heart).We enjoy dining this dish during lunch time. Some will say it is sinigang na bangus. I just love this dish. You can hear a slurping sound among us, us we sip the sourly soap of it.  I just enjoy seeing them sweating pout as they eat.
           Milk fish is our national fish according to Kim as we study the different emblem of our country. I really love this fish especially grilled with some tomatoes, onions and lemon grass inside its belly. It is indeed cheap and very good source of white meat. 

 I tried cooking some bangus fillet. Do some bonelessing first before the desired cut. They thought for a while an expensive fish for the said dish. I have tried also the kinilaw bangus. It is so yummy. Imagine the bones are being melt by the sour vinegar they used.

              You can indeed make some new recipes for our national fish.  I will eat bangus forever if and when you wanted to eat white meat.

Sep 5, 2011

From Badjao to Goodjao

The Badjao people are one of the ethnic groups who migrated to key cities in the Philippines. They always have the sea as source of their income. How? By begging or asking you to throw money in the water for them to dive on. But most often they really are begging. I experienced being spit on by some of them.  I do not like to give. They have this style of begging when you give one of their companions they will go rushing to you and ask for more. I really find them annoying sometimes.
  Years have passed but they become productive now. I saw some groups of children being educated in some barangays. They were also train to make some burloloys and other ornaments.
      One day I enjoy my usual walking and buying at the market. I was looking for some used clothes stalls a.k.a  "ukay-ukay".  If and when I needed some costumes for a certain school related activities I choose used clothes. It is cheap and durable. As I continue to look and search in the mountain full of used clothes. I was also elbow to elbow with some Badjao. I was looking at them they were really busy choosing also some clothes. See how used clothes help people to wrap their body. I left as I found what I am looking for. As I walked a group of Badjao also are busy putting all those used clothes in a hanger. Where are they going to put it? They have big cabinets in the market. Now I know they are selling it. They become a walking ukay ukay stalls selected items. They become productive. I remember after that I bought a short for my daughter. She liked it very much and she said "how young she becomes a business woman...” referring to young girl carrying all the used clothes in a bunch of hangers. They become GOODJAO.