Jan 16, 2012

Pizza Eater Frenzy

          A friend of mine just arrived from the USA. She wanted to treat the group with some pizza. I don’t usually go out late night. I used to staying home with friends over. But this one is different a big pizza with friends in four different flavour. I find it  so amusing we had it during Cj’s birthday last year. This one is bigger its size  36’inches. We took the picture in front so that we can enjoy eating it. When the pizza arrived all of us seems to be thinking .Can we really consume all of it? 

      We dig in and enjoy the moment. We enjoyed the night with all memory recalling of our high school life. We shared some jokes we used to laughed at. The night ended with all the pizza gone. But we  continue to share stories and crushes we had before. Reunions indeed are nice to have once in a  while. Especially friends coming from out of the country. We may meet someday and in different place and time. Laughing and sharing some jokes and blessings will always be there.

Jan 6, 2012

Delightful dessert

During December there seems to be plenty of food around you. I have lots of shopping to do and things to buy before Christmas day. So I decided to have a snack on the nearby store where I shop. So I was there looking for some snacks. I saw plenty of salads and so expensive. So I bought the ice cream with crispy banana wrapped with lumpia. We call it “ turon”. It was indeed locally made. Just to my amaze three scoops of different flavour of ice cream and two sticks of crispy banana. Some  chocolate dips on the side on the plate to complete it. It was an afternoon I will never forget. It was indeed a good treat for me.

One day I sliced all the available fruits inside the fridge to make the breakfast of the day. I have some apples, ripe mango and banana on the plate. I saw some French bread. I sliced and toast it again just to complete my day. All the meat being presented during holidays seems to make me fed up with it. So a different breakfast will make my holiday a different approached. I enjoyed the rest of the day with my breakfast like that. One of my resolutions will be to make it a habit to eat a plate of fruits a day.

Jan 2, 2012

New Year @ GUIMARAS Island..

It was indeed a different New Year for all of us. It has been for 12 years that we never experienced a fireworks display. Davao city always celebrate it with a different bang. The sounds everywhere you go. Big sound boxes where on the streets for the countdown.

Last December 28, 2011 we attended an annual reunion on my father side relatives. We were able to meet some new found relative. They welcome us with a warm embrace. We do not like the fireworks .

Since our flight was moved to a latter days we decided to explore the Island of GUIMARAS. I have visited the place when I was very young. Now is different I am with whole family with the kids. An experienced worth keeping.

We arrived at Jordan Warf and took a jeepney to Raymen Resort which was located at ALOBIJOD. It took us 30 minutes boat ride and another one hour for the jeepney to reach our destinations. It was indeed new for all of us. Nobody from us knew the place .But it was indeed a secured place. Imagine white sand and islets from a far. Fresh air and people are all smiling to welcome us. 

The kids can’t wait to take a deep. We found out plenty of fresh catch fish for sale. Wow indeed a paradise island for us. More Guimaras escapade on the next post..........