Dec 13, 2011

Christmas in the Philippines

It is the first day of Christmas. My kids are very happy and excited. Soon they will have a vacation at ILOILO meeting some relatives there. 

As for me, I am also  excited for all the incoming events. A grand reunion with my high school friends. Friends I haven't seen for 25 years.And for sure the busiest week ever with all the preparations and dance rehearsals..Got to look for good for the event 
People will be busy shopping even with a small token will be appreciated. Kids will be excited to wear their new dresses.
Cities will be lighted with colorful stars. as well Departments stores...Discounts and other sales sparks everywhere.
Improvise snow man in a department malls...even though we do not have the snow.Maybe with this kind of snowman everything will be ok
Every where you are in the Philippines you can enjoy a month long celebration of Holidays...MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody..

Nov 24, 2011

Kim's Encampment

It was her first to try  also this  kind of game. She find it difficult  yet she keep on trying to balance with it. She love doing it again and again.

It was a Friday morning that Kim is so excited to go. She will be attending the Encampment in their school. She will have some activities that's seems to be her first. Kim's first exposure to origami.It may not be that perfect or good. But as I looked into her eyes.It connotes she is very proud of her master piece.

I am willing to support her for the upcoming camping outside the campus. It may be early for her to take care of her self.But I know with the training ,exposure and experience she will be undergoing it will be worth a try. I may be pampering her for I will always be at her side. Just wondering how is she coping with the physical challenges. Kim may you enjoy every activity .More art works and worthwhile activity with your other star scout..

Nov 7, 2011

whch is which

We will be having a grand  alumni homecoming on December. So we need to have some head dress for our costume. I have a friend to be help me and to represent the group.So I took the liberty to take her pictures so that the group can decide immediately.
would you prefer orchids like this or kinda exotic
Or more on the Caribbean look.Until now we are undecided which one to use. 

For me I choose the first one.Look so pretty on hair down style. Which is which?

Oct 15, 2011

Choco loko

I do love chocolate very much. I know I should slow down about eating it because of my sugar count. Well I can't resist especially one afternoon in my friend’s house. We have very healthy lunch with some veggies and super slurp y soup. It was indeed a great lunch.
 I cannot resist the dessert especially wrapped with white covering. I was thinking it will be just an ordinary kakanin made locally. But I was surprised that it was one of the most rarest chocolate I would be tasting for that day. You name most chocolates in the world but for me this one is new and indeed different. My friends was the first one to pick their choice. I was just holding on to my self as I watch them crave for it.   Atlast I got the chance to get one of the most chewiest  and chocolatey I have ever tasted . I really felt cloud nine at that time. I cannot express my gratitude to have  tasted one of the best chocolates made from SAN FRANCISCO, USA. According to my friend  it was the trademark of the place. And it is only available in their state. Though I haven’t gone to that place sure with the bite of their choco means a lot to me already. I go choco loko for a while.

Oct 10, 2011

Onion rings on the loose

 It was a cloudy afternoon for us kids.  So we decided to have crispy onion rings for a snack. We already have the big orange goodness onions, flour ,eggs and salt and pepper to taste and there you have a crunchy onion rings.
  First chop the onion slice thinly. Be sure it is in circle shape. Separate some of it. sprinkle some and pepper to taste. Ready with your flour inside  a plastic . Put some onions so that flour will cover all of it. On the other bowl put some eggs . whisk it . Put some salt and some seasoning. After putting the onions on the flour put it on the egg mixture after which  put it back again to the flour mixture. and dropped it on the hot oil. Let it cooked. Cooled. For the sauce mixture some mayonnaise and catsup .Seasoned with salt and pepper to taste.Place it  in a nice platter to served . You have a crunchy onion rings.

Oct 5, 2011

Blue berry cheese cake treat

         We celebrated our dear Apong’s birthday every October 4. We celebrated it earlier for everyone to enjoy the whole afternoon. Her birthday falls in the middle of the week. She was born at San Juan, La Union last 73 years ago. The whole family migrated in Mindanao after the drought they experienced in Luzon.
So we decided to have a blue berry cheese cake on the day of her birthday. Blow a candle on the day of her natal day.  She was indeed surprised. So we sang some songs and she made a wish. She was misty eyed to see her cake.
As the celebrant sliced the cake all of us seem to be eager to have a bite of it. The blue berry cheese cake was so delicious.  Wow it was indeed so yummy and everything taste so heavenly .It last only for a day.