Feb 27, 2011

Second child syndrome

                        How will you identify as having a second child syndrome in you?
Some one to be the second child in the family.Or the middle of five siblings. Or the second to be born in chronological order.
                     You might be one of them even if though you are not. Do you find yourself to be struggling for attention and  power ? Throw tantrums immediately if you are not satisfied ? 
                      Personally I grew up in this things .  As I continue to struggle for attention. My  father's favorite is my elder brother while  our younger brother is mothers best. Would you take it against me if I will assert my rights? I really find it difficult to be my dads apple of the eye or the cream  of the crop. 
                    I realized that being in the middle you need to  exert more effort to be accepted , approved and align to what is in for you. I loved being here be able to reach out for the two to meet . It gives me more creative ways of reaching for them. And be a person of two world entwined to one goal. Be the best  I can be . 
                  Now that I have a daughter experiencing all of these things. I can relate and share to her how to deal with all the stresses having a second child syndrome. I for one expert in it.
                      Hope to be of help even for others who still struggles .

Feb 23, 2011

      It was indeed an events worth looking  for .As  Dabawenyos..I was not able to really enjoy everything because  I volunteered to take care of my dad. My mom , apong and brother attended a wedding at Marbel. I wanted my mom to join the celebration of a blissful wedding knowing it was my cousins wedding.Imagine 57 years old when she  decided to get married.  mag asawa.
             Well its worth it because I was able to bath my father, cook good food  and clean his room. I am so happy even though I am tired.Its worth it. Though I was not able to see the parade which we usually do. 
              Thanks for the time. And the pleasure of serving my dad. I was able to see the sincerity of my Jimmy's willingness to help me take care of my family for a day and a half. I wil always be grateful. I might not able to repay you back. But I am assured that when I will go and explore the other side of the world. My father will be in good hands .Knowing you are their to take care .
              I love you Papang Jim.

Feb 22, 2011

Cold weather

 What do you usually do during this cold weather  in the Philippines?What comes to your mind?
   For me would be food tripping. A hot arrozcaldo. A chicken soup with a sticky rice on it. A little of lemonade and yummy whew. 
    Here's another one.. champorado . A chocolate drink with a sticky rice this time.With a dried fish for a side dish. A  vermicelli soup with chicken and some shredded cabbage.
    What else do you do  for a cold weather?
     If not food trip . It would be lazy susan in the bed. Until you feel the bed sore in your body..
     Reading an overdue book.


         My father just turned 89 years old last November. But prior his birthday he always forget the faces and their names.But would you believe that he reads the newspaper everyday and very updated with what is happening around the world. Both the local and international.
         How come he always asked?
        For example you were talking about the event I attended and the persons involved there. And what transpire there. For the next hour would be a disaster. You know why? He will keep on asking  the events, the people and the communication that took place. Oh my God. I just couldn't help it but be dismayed.
        Even the people  around him find him annoying. So I decided to always find answers to all his questions be it repeated several times.
        May I find the answers to all his questions.Like why he has to be in the hospital.? take the medicines?be checked in the clinic? or even eat the food we are offering? or to survive the pain he is in now.
         I may not have all the answers right now. For I am confuse for I know he is too.

HIgh School Reunions

      " Every year as we get older we sometimes looked back with our old friends preferably our high school days."Does it mean we need to be at our best attire, best profession or best financial just to be noticed?
       Well as for me every time I wanted to meet them .I would always be ready for any situation or issues to tackle.Be initiative  and creative in communicating. Not much with flowering words but be spontaneous . All in perfect timing. You never have it all in just one setting.
         Thats why I ended the meeting with all the 3 G's  giggles, gags and gigs.The meeting seems to be very heart warming and looking forward for the next meeting.
         May we continue to find the joy in our old friends with an open heart. Leaving behind the 3 D's differencesdissemination and distances. For the meeting are meant to be memorable.