Jul 26, 2011


            Since the evolution of fast food people tend to eat in an instant. They wanted immediate satisfaction . But as they continue to grow and expand. They continue also to be very expensive.
So I tried exploring not so popular fast food so that I can compare them with quality of food  and the prize. As I passed by  City hall drive I discovered a very new fast food. It was indeed new. They just opened last June 2011. I do not know the date to be exact. They gave some coupons like some promotions materials. At first I couldn’t believe it. Imagine two spaghetti in a prize of one. Tell you it is really yummy. Shanghai meal with only five sticks of it was really delicious. Almost all  delicious combo are in buy one take one menus. No wonder lots of students, professionals and moms like me bring our kids for a fast, cheap yet delicious meal. Try for yourself they are located at San Pedro drive, Davao City.

Jul 12, 2011

Shell shaker

We visited again the beautiful place of Lake Sebu. The waterfalls current is strong and it seems so angry. It passes like a loud thunder roar. I saw some group of people looking for some stones under the fast moving current of waters. So I looked and observed that they are looking for shells. I observed them closely as the woman continue to grab some amount of sands and there you are some small shells .Mind you that the shells collected are just enough for a decent meal. The shells they are getting is very small. I asked them how much does it cost for them to sell a plastic container. She sells it 20 pesos. So as she continues to dig in. She used some kind of net.

I noticed a man also digging some of it but without a net . I asked him if he selling it .He replied he just wanted to try some of it for viand later on. It free for all. As the strong current of water continues the shell shakers make their day. It was a pleasant day to look for some honest income for a day.

        This is the shells looks like inside her net. She will sell this in the nearby local market . She will buy some rice and vegetables for family for the incoming days. It seems to be a very tiring day with a decent work. As long as the falls fall its water, I know you will see her every now and then.

Jul 3, 2011

Third eye Amenities

My little Cj is no longer a baby. She will be turning thirteen next week. I remembered then that during her pre-school years, her teacher approached us. She told us that my Cj has eye defect. She needed an eye glasses. I couldn’t believe it especially knowing she has high grade for lenses. Since then her miseries of having eyeglasses began. I recall she will go home crying. She was teased by her classmates for wearing eyeglasses and looks like old woman. I always tell her it would be good for her eyes and   health. She will never bump into something again.

Just the other day, she requested for a new set of eyeglasses. She wanted to change it because she remembered it was almost two years now.   She saw some eyeglasses with tinted lenses. I told her it would be difficult for her since their classroom lacks a lot of lighting features. I find it inappropriate for her age. So we decided to buy the prescription eyeglasses which suited for her eye needs. She’s so happy with it. While we were waiting for her eyeglasses fix. I discovered that you can also buy as low as $ 6.95 prescription eyeglasses.

She was very happy that we chose a high index multicoated eyeglasses as birthday gift for her.