Dec 13, 2011

Christmas in the Philippines

It is the first day of Christmas. My kids are very happy and excited. Soon they will have a vacation at ILOILO meeting some relatives there. 

As for me, I am also  excited for all the incoming events. A grand reunion with my high school friends. Friends I haven't seen for 25 years.And for sure the busiest week ever with all the preparations and dance rehearsals..Got to look for good for the event 
People will be busy shopping even with a small token will be appreciated. Kids will be excited to wear their new dresses.
Cities will be lighted with colorful stars. as well Departments stores...Discounts and other sales sparks everywhere.
Improvise snow man in a department malls...even though we do not have the snow.Maybe with this kind of snowman everything will be ok
Every where you are in the Philippines you can enjoy a month long celebration of Holidays...MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody..