Feb 6, 2012

42nd Luaua birthday

It was indeed a day worth remembering. I just turned 42 years old two days ago. Before that day I was busy preparing from theme to the food I wanted to served for my friends. I wanted something colorful and unique. When I posted some invitation on social network my friends get surprise and stress out .They were thinking of what will they wear since it comes with theme not familiar with them.  I took time to go to a bookstore just to buy the materials I needed. I am so exhausted but  I find it so enjoying. I am so excited .
When the day comes it was indeed so colorful. My cupcakes are all layered  in three. I place two candles with 42 on it. Some starfish  decorations.
Instead of placing some fruit bowl.I  made some  fruit basket. All in yellow fruit color. Fresh fruits on the stick. I place some dipping  for others to enjoy. On the other side, I place also some sticky rice  with some colorful toppings and a slice of  mango on a cup. My friends thought it is some ice cream. I said " a twist of something old".            
 I also prepared  some prizes to give especially for the most Luau girl for the day. The winner is  Rachel, a teacher by profession. I really appreciated  her very much for really taking  time to dress up for the occasion.She really spice up the day with her Hawaiian attire.
 We end the day with some dancing and singing. We enjoyed the rest of the day. It was a day to remember. I also ask my friends to put some wishes on my log