Mar 18, 2012

Scents of a woman

     As I grew up I am fascinated with the different scents of perfume brings. I couldn’t help to be amazed the ingenuity of each scents. People will be quoted with what they use. It might me naughty and nice. Cool waters. Others have really that much money that they wanted to have a scent exclusively for their use.
   Since I have three kids whose asthma attacks any time. I refrain from using them.. My two of my friends  gave  me  cologne wild a heart   and CK Truth . During my birthday a body splash Pleasures from Bath and body works. A niece of mine whom I visited  last weekend. Whose husband is working abroad as a seaman gave me a perfume not only one but five. I was really thrilled and happy. This year is  really a scent explosion for me. Smell me these ...umm.