May 1, 2012

Kiamba Escapade' 12

We are all excited for our yearly family reunion.  This time we will be visiting relatives living at Kiamba, Saranggani Province.  It was a long 8hrs. drive from our place. Because we wanted to see some new and old relatives  as well as see their place again in different venue. They have house us in front of a beach. The air is fresh as well as the water is so enticing. The kids can’t help it after a meal they took a dive already. We arrived very early so we have the liberty to roam around the place.

While waiting for our turn for  island hopping. We saw a fish boat unloading some tuna fish .It was really an experience worth keeping. I asked the person to take some pictures. It was our first time to see fish with distinct names and sizes.

We played some tug and wars  for us to enjoy the afternoon. From children to adult alike.

We visited the newly construction of  Manny Pacquiao’s resort. We just intend to look from afar since we all packed in a big fish boat. It was indeed a deep blue sea.

It was indeed a reunion worth attending to. Next Year another place but with the same  relatives.