Mar 2, 2010

Kim's 5th Birthday

                 My youngest daughter celebrated her birthday yesterday. I couldn't believe how excited she was . Especially counting the days . During my preparation  for her birthday I was buying the stuff .I needed for the said occasion one at the time. First I bought her a dress. She is so excited that when she fitted it she won't let go of it. And every time somebody will come and visits  us she will show her dress bragging about her it. Second I bought her shoes. She walk and walk and her face gleam like  light in the night. Third was her loot bags for her classmates in school. I  saw her coming in and out of my room just to pick in what is inside the plastics bag. She even ordered a cake for her birthday.In school she keep on bragging that her birthday is coming and she will celebrate it in school mentioning some foods and preparations. The night before her birthday she can't sleep.She will always ask what time is it . Can I sleep next to dad because he wakes up very early ?" All her wishes were granted . 
                 The day came, she was feeling tired and having tantrums. I was giving all her request. Just to please her for the BIG DAY. We celebrated her birthday a big blast in school. All her classmates enjoyed their simple party with some cake and juice . The most important part is the loot bag. The mask Minnie and Spider man in the loose.  Small balloons just fitted for their small hands. With a smile on her face saying "I do love my party".
                 At night time we have a simple dinner for family, friends and her teacher . And it was the first time that it rained. We enjoyed the meal and the fellowhsip with a cool breeze of the wind. It ended with saying a thank you to all who attended my party. 



  1. Your daughter has a lovely eyes.. wonder who she got it from? :)

    Im trying to put a link of others blogger address in my page, but i dunno how. Once i know, i'll add ur blog so i dont forget ur blog address as i always have. Have a nice day Chloe.


  2. this is my link.hope we can be friends.