Mar 15, 2010

Malungon Trail

                  Every time I will visit my relatives in the southern part of Mindanao from Davao City. I always passed this way but I never had a glimpsed of what it look like  I had a wonderful time to stopped just this weekend and to my amazement it looks like this swirly turns. And it was a great to stop and take a closer look at it.
                   How wonderful the trees are right now considering we are experiencing El Niño ?Though we can some landslide going on. But yet they continue to see the  lushness  of the trees. May I continue to enjoy the joy the nature brings to my life.

Mar 11, 2010

Spot the difference


          I used to play spot the difference on the Sunday  issue in the newspaper.  My friend just introduce it to me. I am really happy  about it . 
            As I continue to enjoy it in the computer and introduces it to my kids. We did enjoy our new way of bonding together. How I wish we have discovered it earlier. I know it is not yet to late to enjoy the said game.  I continue to shout just to be the first to spot it. Why don't you  try this one ? And tell me how many can you spot.

Mar 9, 2010


         I am amazed to see this picture taken by my younger brother .He let me see how his son is exploring his world in his own way. I find it  so refreshing. I wonder what is he thinking  while exploring his shadow and the sand. 
          As I recall its almost 4 months now since I stepped on a sand and gazed at my reflection.

          I am looking forward to my friend's birthday on March 20, 2010. She invited us to have  a beach party . It's time to explore my shadow and the sand.

Mar 8, 2010

Does flower amuzes YOU?

They continue to tell us that we should be accountable once we let them go from their habitat. They will have the same attention and supply they need.It is be good only for the first.But how about when you will be burden  of all the care of your world.

Every time I visits a place I always seen gazing and admiring the vibrant colors of the flowers. I have seen all of them in our place.  But it is different when  it is being cultivated ,nurtured and showered by the mother nature. They survive on  their own . The fresh air.The ambiance is real. This is where they belong.

Mar 6, 2010

4oth birthday wishes

Greetings coming from my co-teachers and school staff. It was a wonderful year. They personally made this just for me. A very memorable one. The messages are heart warming.

Thanks to my lovable husband who scanned all of it for my special moments.

My little Kim just celebrated her fifth birthday with a big blow with this cake. A five year old as that she orders her own cake and instructed the baker what she really likes. I just laughed with a big ah! OMG.

Kim with the swirly balloons. Just fitted for a very
Xtra imaginative

Music minded
little tot.

that's my Alexa Kim.

Mar 2, 2010

Kim's 5th Birthday

                 My youngest daughter celebrated her birthday yesterday. I couldn't believe how excited she was . Especially counting the days . During my preparation  for her birthday I was buying the stuff .I needed for the said occasion one at the time. First I bought her a dress. She is so excited that when she fitted it she won't let go of it. And every time somebody will come and visits  us she will show her dress bragging about her it. Second I bought her shoes. She walk and walk and her face gleam like  light in the night. Third was her loot bags for her classmates in school. I  saw her coming in and out of my room just to pick in what is inside the plastics bag. She even ordered a cake for her birthday.In school she keep on bragging that her birthday is coming and she will celebrate it in school mentioning some foods and preparations. The night before her birthday she can't sleep.She will always ask what time is it . Can I sleep next to dad because he wakes up very early ?" All her wishes were granted . 
                 The day came, she was feeling tired and having tantrums. I was giving all her request. Just to please her for the BIG DAY. We celebrated her birthday a big blast in school. All her classmates enjoyed their simple party with some cake and juice . The most important part is the loot bag. The mask Minnie and Spider man in the loose.  Small balloons just fitted for their small hands. With a smile on her face saying "I do love my party".
                 At night time we have a simple dinner for family, friends and her teacher . And it was the first time that it rained. We enjoyed the meal and the fellowhsip with a cool breeze of the wind. It ended with saying a thank you to all who attended my party.