Apr 8, 2011


           Every expectant mothers wanted the best for their kid. Their choices my vary. Even colours really matters. Consider also the decorations.It is a big factor.
             Pink for girls with strawberry short cakes designs. Or just little baby angels with dominated pink ribbons on the side. Who can miss Barbie the most loved doll. Pretty pink flowers or butterflies. Dora the explorer will be fitted for a jungle set.
            Blue for boys maybe some baseball corners. The Cars for a cartoon another would be woody or Buzz. Blue skies or blue oceans.
            Yellow for dainty and cute Winnie Pooh characters.  Tweety the cute little bird. Sunflower to lighten up the area.
            White for purity and clean set up. Hello Kitty for boarders.
            Rainbow combination is also a hippy choice.
Others will be red, black and white good combinations. Some research said that it will enhance the thinking of the kids.

  Bold and neon colours will gives you a retro effect. But for parents who are nature lover. Some green trees and grasses prints will be fine too. Consider also the different kinds of flowers. The mountains so high. The deep blue sea.
           Mothers also consider if it is smooth and toxic free with all the colouring and stuff. Other countries have the attachments like making quilted crib linens or hand me downs. Putting the significant patches to make a handmade blanket for their baby. They will also be very creative and resourceful.
          Fathers will take a look at the expenses and how their wives glow. The fantastic time and right choice for the perfect crib linen for their baby. Both will be very excited as they continue to wait for their baby to arrive.
           Don’t forget the first time grandparents snooping around. They have also their opinions and choices. In other words very demanding of what they wanted their grandchild to have. Mind you the sisters in laws and their company may continue to contribute also their thoughts and ideas.
           As for me, I would like some crib linen that would sooth the budget and need of my little angel.

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