Oct 10, 2011

Onion rings on the loose

 It was a cloudy afternoon for us kids.  So we decided to have crispy onion rings for a snack. We already have the big orange goodness onions, flour ,eggs and salt and pepper to taste and there you have a crunchy onion rings.
  First chop the onion slice thinly. Be sure it is in circle shape. Separate some of it. sprinkle some and pepper to taste. Ready with your flour inside  a plastic . Put some onions so that flour will cover all of it. On the other bowl put some eggs . whisk it . Put some salt and some seasoning. After putting the onions on the flour put it on the egg mixture after which  put it back again to the flour mixture. and dropped it on the hot oil. Let it cooked. Cooled. For the sauce mixture some mayonnaise and catsup .Seasoned with salt and pepper to taste.Place it  in a nice platter to served . You have a crunchy onion rings.


  1. If onions are devoid of sulfur, I would have be eating this everyday.

  2. I forget when the last time I ate onion rings :)


  3. Love to do this as well coz onions is good for those who have bronchial asthma, but unfortunately i don't eat onion..hehe..but my hubby really love onions a lot...tnx for sharing it

  4. instant Onion rings... i like heheheh Good Morning po...

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  6. I'm really amaze to know that you can actually make the onion as a snack. Anyways, It looks good and delicious. :)

  7. i wanna cook onion rings too!!! yummmyYYY!!!

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  9. wow harum ! wanna cook ...wanna cook ...nyummy nyummy

  10. I want to try this. pwede pla ang inion n gawing snack food. tnx for the info..

  11. hhmmmmm yummy...