Jun 20, 2011


               Every time I visits a place I always noticed the landscape and the there stones being used. I remembered during my younger days our house was made of wash out pebbles for our flooring. Though it is not known for its use I am into scrutinizing every detail.
              One time my father intends to buy house. He was very particular with structures and the possible expenses for the repairs. But to my amazement he chose the house because of the uniqueness of the tiles being used. The tiles in the floors really give meaning and elegant looking. They can also minimize scrubbing. These days tiles and other floor decors are in. Big houses and almost buildings have floor tiles.
            May they continue to produce some earth friendly materials such as old tires? I heard someone have already made some replicas on using old tires for flooring and other are still discovering.


  1. nice post my friend my friend...

  2. Hi Chloebelle

    do you think how to make a good home decor.
    please tell me. Because i want to redecorate my room

  3. floor tiling is indeed on of the factors that should be considered in buying or renovating a house. One must see to it that it would look pleasant, easy maintenance and durable. Floors should be strong enough not to create crack which may lead to an accident. I am planning to renovate my outdoor shower and I think this type of flooring would be great outside the bathroom shower enclosures since it fitted on the landscape design around my shower area. Thank you for sharing this!