Jun 27, 2011


Chorizo (Spanish:[tʃoˈɾiθo]; Galician: chourizo [tʃowˈɾiθo]; Portuguese: chouriço [ʃoˈɾisu]; Catalan: xoriço [ʃuˈɾisu]) is a term encompassing several types of pork sausage originating from the Iberian Peninsula. In English it is usually pronounced /tʃɵˈriːθoʊ/, /tʃɵˈriːzoʊ/, or /tʃɵˈriːsoʊ/, but sometimes /tʃɵˈriːtsoʊ/. from wikepedia.
When I was young I just love simply hotdogs. But when the day I tasted chorizo I really fell in love with it. I keep on asking my mom to buy me every week. It was so expensive then. I enjoyed looking at it especially when it pops up. I remember that it inside the pig’s intestine. Later on we have the skinless chorizo, without the skin of the pig’s intestine. We have it properly packed and ready to eat. Until now I enjoyed it especially that I intend to sell it so some of my friends and relatives for extra income. I have already tasted almost all chorizo in some local market. Mind you this one I am selling is guaranteed delicious and well recommended. Try some of your chorizos at home and let’s compare.


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  4. You always make me drooling every time you post Filipino foods here. Enjoy the rest of the week my friend. :-)

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  6. This is a Pork sausage?..??
    the pork sausage when i know is red and have a sweet flavor (Chinese Pork Sausage)..
    are this Sausage have a sweet flavor too?..
    it's look so different, but maybe have a same something,rite?...^^ :9

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