Mar 10, 2011

37th Birthday

        Year 2007 , my 37th birthday. It was the most awaited day for me. Even though I am  far away from my family and kids. I am in Thailand as an OFW.  Teaching English for pre- school and primary .
       So I woke up for my big day.  You might be wondering what would be on my mind knowing that I am far away from my family. Well, its my birthday. It is my first time to be in strange country. The usual daily routine. School to house but this time with a side trip to a very exciting ride of my life.
       You need to pay 200-400 baht for that ride. Equivalent to 250 to 350 pesos . I fall in line with other foreign nationals with the same thought an exciting ride. While waiting for my turn. I am gazing my eyes to which elephant will I take the ride. Funny feeling creeps me when the elephant approached me.
        I climbed the stairs to reach the top of the elephant. I really feel  dizzy for a start as the elephant started to take its  giant steps. Joy overwhelmed me when the trainer  I mean the handler.Talking to me in his language.Trying to reply because I can understand a bit . He told me that the elephant is pregnant. I am so thrilled of what a thirty minute ride will complete my birthday.  A big smile on my face and a picture to complete it.
    I have tried the elephant , horse and carabao ride. Next mission would be a camel ride.


  1. The elephants in Thailand are sacred animals. Human and animal form a close social relationship in Thailand. There is always an experience to ride on an elephant. The elephant trainer is usually a whole life with his elephants. In my view, the animals are not exploited. Tourism is an important economic factor for humans and elephants. Especially fun elephant ride through the wild Dschnungel in the northern provinces of Thailand. A great experience for you

  2. Is this photo from the province of Ayutthaya

  3. I took that one, for a life time experience in the beautiful city of Ayutthaya..near Wat Chaiwattanaram...February 2007.