Mar 23, 2011

TRES MARIAS: Summer Vacation

       Summer is fast approaching and my tres marias are busy planning for it . For a start Ela will join the Regional Girl scout to be held  here. She is soliciting for the said event. So excited to enjoy the company of  her girl scout team. They will visit key places. She will learn how to swim. Then for six days she will be taking care of herself.  After that will be a long guitar lessons.
         For Cj , she wanted to learn to play the piano. She was encouraged by her love and passion to music. She would like to sing and play a piano at the same time. She believe that she can explore the keys of the piano with just a wink of an eye. 
         For Kim, she wanted to enjoy her passion in dancing. She find it  easy to follow the steps and memorize it . She has the capacity to excel in this skills. She really gives her best foot for the performance.  And one thing for sure it will build more her confidence and over come stage freight.
          May the TRES MARIAS maximize their time and talent this summer.

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