Mar 9, 2011

Man and the Snake

      When I  was very young I am really afraid of snakes. Just the thought of it makes me feel goose bumps. But I continue to try to overcome some of it by watching a movie like Anaconda and the Snakes in the Plane . Even watching the National Geographic to take the hung of it.
        I saw this man and the snake in the same spot everyday I pass the public market . But I could not  bare seeing the snake that near. I am really amazed how the earth the people continue to listen and waste there time.
       Just this morning I have the pleasure of listening to him from a far. So I thought for a while maybe this is the right time to check on my fear.
So slowly I  peep from where he is seated. At first  I am hesitant. But the people are drown to him because of how he handles the story telling and could you believe it. He makes a sound effect and some magic. A man with the microphone and a "trumpa". It was an experience I cannot forget and what a relief . No more goose bumps. No more fear. I just love the Man and the Snake.


  1. Fear of snakes, an interesting experience to deal with the fear of man and the snake

  2. Thanks.Good thing I overcome it.

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