Mar 31, 2011

Dried Fish a.k.a ' BULAD"

       It is raining badly and I couldn't resist the aroma. It lingers to my mouth. I can't help it. It is mouth watering sensation. Some of my neighbours cooked it.
          So I decided to rush to a neighbour sari-sari store. I bought some ripe tomatoes and some onions for a side dish.  Some dried fish.
They have different kinds of bulad on display. So choose two kinds only. One with small pieces of fish and other is sliced fish. Sometimes with call it the two headed fish.
          I put the pan on stove and some oil .Wait. Put the “dilis” ( dried small fishes) for awhile. It is brown. Wow! Ready to eat. But wait I have to fry also the two headed fish . It is such a relief for a rainy day.
           I placed it on the table with the side dish. Guess what! Only my little Kim was so excited to eat. With a clean hand she picked. She thought it was very hot French fries .Munches it with glee. On the other hand, my two girls face with a frown. Wondering what on earth is that. As I declare that would be our meal for the day.
          Mothers love cannot be denied. I cooked some fried egg for my girls. As Kim and I continue to devour the fried small fish and the two headed dried fish. We enjoyed it with bare clean hands.
          I remembered my friends working abroad just day dreaming for what I have. Some food we can never taste especially when we are far away home. We cannot have it all from expensive steak to burgers.  Oh! So big. All are yummy. Our taste buds still longs for what we have in our home. Locally made dried fish. Others are sweet but often are salty. Bulad forever.


  1. Lami gyud nang bulad, miga! :)

  2. Ay kalami sa buwad!samut na ang danggit. with kamatis dayun. ahmmmmm mmmmmm yummy! :-)

  3. Hi Chloe,
    I normally fry some shallot, dried chillies and mixed together with the "bulad". This will go with warm rice....hmmmm absolutely delicious.

  4. waoh dried fish if in indonesian language is "ikan kering".i like it.

  5. Wlay mka lupig sa buwad,,,,, love it...

  6. uy, ang sarap nyan, may stock ako nyan sa aking ref...

  7. My favorite is danggit and tocino. Kyampi, the small thin one, I eat it with tuba vinegar and plenty of tomato chunks!!! That was my super meal before. Now I can't eat anything fishy as I'm on a strict allergy-free diet. =(