Mar 20, 2011

Closing and Graduation Program

       Two days ago was Kim's Graduation day. Until now  she seems to mesmerized and enjoy all her memories for that day. We started the day with a good breakfast and beautifying her. For a surprise a garland of candies and a fresh corsage. We bought a new shoes and a white socks for it.  Her face is so fresh with all the excitement .Knowing that next school year she will be in grade one. She is so excited that she will tagged along with her sister.For her it will be the end of pre- school age and welcomes the primary level with too much anxiousness.Will she excel ? make friends and many more.
    On the first week of April marks Cj's graduation day. I may not know what the days brings. But as a mom I am so excited . My eldest daughter will close the door for elementary days and opens the window for high school. I  for one is so anxious. For I know this will be the time for her to really explore the world on independent and free spirit. She will encounter the puppy loves and heart broken. Though I know I cannot spare her with all those things. . Who will be on her side. I may nag. I may conclude. I may judge. One thing I am sure of I am her mom 
     To all the students who are about to embark another step .Go and explore the new world with confidence. To all the anxious mom like me..Just be there .No matter what the future brings.