Mar 14, 2011

TRES MARIAS: Appliances

      The first one will be a COMPUTER. She finds reading datas fascinating. Encoding some ideas. Reading facts. Updated with the new sound track and videos. Games  in fashion  and facebooking. And if she can't watch her favorite TV series . She will search for it .
      Second will be my MICROWAVE. Though she doesn't eat much . She just love to watch me cook some food . She is so eager to learn how food is being prepared. She will be very handy in the kitchen. She would cook food for herself. Starting with fried egg and some noodles.
     Third will be my DVD player. She watches movies three to four times until she will memorize every  famous lines. She dances every music she hears even inside the jeepney. She can't help it but nod her head. Or  shake her hips as well as stomping her foot
        Me as the TAPE RECORDER, who records mistakes and achievements . Keep repeating all the instructions and things to do's in and outside the house. I enjoy replaying all the jokes we all seems to laugh at .
        To complete my family will be my husband.  My all around TOOL BOX. From being the carpenter, plumber, electrician and will always our rock.

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