Mar 1, 2011

Kim's 6th birthday

            March is here and my little Kim is so excited. For she knew that soon it will be her birthday. I remember yesterday when we are about to eat out breakfast . I requested her to say a  prayer before the meal. And this is her prayer 
       " Lord  Jesus  bless my birthday and bless this food we eat today . Amen".
         I was just giggling and hear  a voice. How  will I celebrate her birthday ?
       I remember I bought some balloons during my birthday. But I was not able to used it because my hubby gave me a dozen of balloons. Some of party packs I kept. Some ribbons. Some left over give aways. Asked her grandmother to chip in for the goodies. Ask her Tita Nisa to bake some cupcakes.
               WoW! all set for a simple birthday bash for her 6th birthday.As long as there are balloons, some food to share and games for my little Kim. I know it will make her day.
               Oops wait a minute how about her dress? I asked her  " I will still use my old pink  dress.It still look good on me. The important for me is I will have a party..!!!!Yeh hey!!!. and I just smiled and thanked God to have a daughter who taught me how simple life can be.

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