Mar 25, 2011

" Pinakbet"

     I always wanted my kids to eat vegetables. So I decided to cook . I bought some ingredients in a nearby wet market. As I was preparing it. I refrain from singing or humming. According  my mom telling me not to do so for the bitter gourd will release more bitterness. So it would be impossible to eat it.  Until now I am doing it.
        "Pinakbet "is the local name.The ingredients are eggplant , okra , squash , string beans , bitter gourd and some salted fish " alamang". It is optional to put some fish or pork.
         It is a yummy dish every Filipino loves to eat. This is one way of encouraging my kids to eat vegetable. Maybe next time I will try some Oriental dish for the sake of eating veggies.



  1. my mama always served this to us before even though we didn't eat that much..pero ngayon fav. ko na to

    mine is here

  2. Yummy and healthy food :)

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  3. this is my favorite! but hubby can't eat it if there's alamang! he's allergic to seafoods. thanks for the visit. added you in my alliances too!

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  4. Thanks guys for all your comments. Pinx...omit alamang .put some chrispy chitcharon...

  5. wow! paborito ko tung Pinakbet. parang gusto kong lutin to mamayang gabi. :-)

  6. i miss pinakbet of my nanay:-) wala akong mabilhan ng bagoong dito...

  7. Wow, nakakagutom naman yang pinakbet! Daming veggies, very delicious and healthy! =)