Aug 11, 2011

Chorizo Sealer

                Since I engaged myself in chorizo business. I find it very relieving when I see the faces of the team of chorizo sealer. Every time I see them do their part in the expansion of the chorizo business. I couldn’t help it but thanked them for the magnificent job they are doing. As I observed them I am amazed of how  fast their hands work in the rhythmic position. A string and only a razor blade will works in wonder. They are being paid for daily business. Sometimes  by the hundreds of chorizo packs or maybe by the thousand. Since they are team they have to divide it equally. I see them very happy and satisfied rather staying  at home without money.  One time, as I waited for my order to be packed. I listened to their conversations. They sometimes talked about the new  Teleserye, the latest news,  events as well the new chikas. They continue to satisfy their own world with their own found job. Being a chorizo sealer. Another job being discovered that will continue to feed their family. The kind of job that will sustain their needs. I continue to wonder why is it that some people tend to beg rather than work? Its their choice.