Aug 2, 2011

Kadayawan sa DAVAO 2011

        Davao City is very busy for the Kadayawan '11. The main streets are being adorned of colourful pongees to indicate the start of it. Teasers are being posted at Youtube. Even though I have not yet seen some teasers in the television. I can feel the intense preparation of organizers and the surrounding community.

My little Kim was so excited to be of help for the said event. How? In their school they were encouraged to bring some handful of rice and some canned goods for their participating dancers. Their school is very active and constant winner of the “Indak Indak” (street dancing) category children division. Their school is  MAGALLANES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. It is indeed an activity Davaonoes will look for in the month of August. They have line up activities posted in every bulletin board. Some are in malls and accessible areas. Just search on the Kadayawan schedule of activities at
     Every year they will display some plants and other orchids in a very cheap prize. Lots of exhibits about Davao .Malls will also welcome entertainers to highlight the occasion. They will also decorate and make fun activities to show case what is Kadayawan all about.
     May this year be of fruits beyond compare. Pomelos and other loved fruits like Durian. Flowers display is indescribable. All for world class interpretation.


  1. Wow! May plano akong pumunta ng Davao this month.. Eee! Excited na tlga ako.. Hopefully nga, matuloy. hehe.

  2. hello, nice post.. visit me back :)

  3. nice post my friend


  4. wow, the last time i went there was two years ago, love davao,its a very disciplined city and a place where I can say i can be very safe.

  5. awww i've been wanting to visit davao ever ever since! wonder when i'm gonna be able too. i really hope it'll be real real soon. :)

    i heard a lot of good things about Davao. the food, the place and the cost of living. Hope to visit ASAP. :)

  6. ooh!! i know that school, our school also participates in Indak-indak, well a group in our school and my friend is a member, but i think they stopped joining though the group is called Pangkat Silayan.

    Happy Kadayawan!

  7. weeew. nice, post... visit back friends

  8. ive been to davao and weve stayed there for 2 years i even joined indak indak thingy kadayawan is fun :D i hope i can visit davao soon :D