Aug 29, 2011

Steam Seafood with Coconut milk

     We attended a birthday party yesterday and I tasted this very delicious menu I discovered . He call it steam seafood with coconut milk. I usually eat with tahong only and some lemon grass. Just to find out a variety of cooking it . It was indeed something new for a lunch .That’s why I wanted to share it.

Red and  green bell pepper
Coconut milk
Salt and pepper to taste

        Put some oil on the pan . Place some onions , ginger and garlic. Sautee it. Put the shrimps and let it cooked. Add carrots until tender .Add the rest of the ingredients. Be sure to let it boil and cook. Especially with the thick coconut milk.  Add some salt and pepper to taste. Place it a nice bowl container and you have it a very wonderful dish to spice up the day.
        I would like to thanked my friend Aga for taking time to share his menu with me.May you continue to enjoy cooking as we continue to enjoy eating..Masarap..

Aug 20, 2011

Coconut Milk Extractor

                         Coconut milk is very important especially in making BIKO .Or shall we say sweetened sticky rice. It is the essential ingredient for that dish. When I was young, I would frowned when my tatay will call me to do the dirty job which is getting the meat of the coconut by using a wooden chair with a sharp teeth at the end of it. We call it “kaguran”. I always hurt myself because I cannot control it. Sometimes I would beg my elder brother to do for it.
                               My father stayed in the USA for quite some time. He still cooked the bike. But this time he is using the canned coconut milk. It has improved a lot. Though it doesn’t have the same juiciness’ or freshness shall we say from the raw coconut meat. People tend to invent some things to make life easier. So they have the electric coconut meat grinder. But it is still tasking because you need to purge the milk by using your bare hands. I still find it tiring sometimes.
During my mom’s 82nd birthday, we wanted to cook again BIKO. But this time I have discovered a much easier and less tasking way in purging the milk. I called it coconut milk extractor. You see the woman here just place a kilo of fresh grated coconut milk in her magnificent machine. Just before my very eyes the coconut milk dripping from that machine. I was really amazed to see such invention worth keeping especially in making some desserts in the future. I am happy really for this coconut milk extractor. Bravo!!! Well done. Good innovations.

Aug 11, 2011

Chorizo Sealer

                Since I engaged myself in chorizo business. I find it very relieving when I see the faces of the team of chorizo sealer. Every time I see them do their part in the expansion of the chorizo business. I couldn’t help it but thanked them for the magnificent job they are doing. As I observed them I am amazed of how  fast their hands work in the rhythmic position. A string and only a razor blade will works in wonder. They are being paid for daily business. Sometimes  by the hundreds of chorizo packs or maybe by the thousand. Since they are team they have to divide it equally. I see them very happy and satisfied rather staying  at home without money.  One time, as I waited for my order to be packed. I listened to their conversations. They sometimes talked about the new  Teleserye, the latest news,  events as well the new chikas. They continue to satisfy their own world with their own found job. Being a chorizo sealer. Another job being discovered that will continue to feed their family. The kind of job that will sustain their needs. I continue to wonder why is it that some people tend to beg rather than work? Its their choice.

Aug 2, 2011

Kadayawan sa DAVAO 2011

        Davao City is very busy for the Kadayawan '11. The main streets are being adorned of colourful pongees to indicate the start of it. Teasers are being posted at Youtube. Even though I have not yet seen some teasers in the television. I can feel the intense preparation of organizers and the surrounding community.

My little Kim was so excited to be of help for the said event. How? In their school they were encouraged to bring some handful of rice and some canned goods for their participating dancers. Their school is very active and constant winner of the “Indak Indak” (street dancing) category children division. Their school is  MAGALLANES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. It is indeed an activity Davaonoes will look for in the month of August. They have line up activities posted in every bulletin board. Some are in malls and accessible areas. Just search on the Kadayawan schedule of activities at
     Every year they will display some plants and other orchids in a very cheap prize. Lots of exhibits about Davao .Malls will also welcome entertainers to highlight the occasion. They will also decorate and make fun activities to show case what is Kadayawan all about.
     May this year be of fruits beyond compare. Pomelos and other loved fruits like Durian. Flowers display is indescribable. All for world class interpretation.

Aug 1, 2011

Google Adsense Treat for my Family

It was a fine morning to treat my family and friends for a deep at Highponds Resort. It happened to be my treat for my family for the blessings received from Google Adsense.
   I would like to take this opportunity that being a blogger is not  waste of our time but a worthy hobby .It is also an income generating. I  would like to thank my husband for taking time to educate me with blogging. I find it at first experimental especially with what and who will read my blog. I finally build some friends and followers which one way and another encourages me to make my blogging worth sharing.
              I would like to thank Shengy for introducing Google Adsense to my husband and applying it in my blog.At first he was hesitant but he tried it and this is our labor of love.
Thanks to the following link's:
                To all my followers thanks a lot for making my blogging interesting by leaving some comments. I will continue to explore and write some materials which tickle our minds and have common interest. May we love what we are doing.

Thanks also to Cebu and Davao Journey Nonoy, Anciro san Tolits The Backpackman and Mike The  Explorer.
Thank you guys......

To Google Adsense thanks for giving me this opportunity an  extra income for my family and friends to enjoy. I am grateful to your company and what it has made to me and my family. I will make every post and blog worth reading for. I try to inspire and enlighten my reader and followers. My family and I was able to enjoy a weekend at Highponds resort.