Feb 21, 2010


                     The original capital city of Thailand. I had a wonderful one year experienced teaching English to Pratum 1 to  3...Equivalent to gtrades 1-3 for us. I like the place, the exotic food and the people. I visited Wat Chaiwatanaram, Wat Monghon Bopit and plenty of Wats  (temple). At first the language was strange but eventually it was very easy to communicate to them even with different dialect used. Like I use English while they will just reply with their local dialect. We still can understand each other. I have a funny experience with a cook. One of the favorite food is tom yang a hot spicy soup with shrimp. I told the cook put a little of salt. She didn't understand me so I went to her cabinet and check if she have it. And I said this is it. We laugh because she is saying it with her language and  I was just describing it . I enjoy also their springtime  where all the trees are covered of  flowers. There summer was just a BIG HEAT. I couldn't imagine changing t-shirt three to four times a day.Drinking their top water is a big no. You need to buy it .  Their winter time is really  very cold. I cannot imagine a sunny morning and yet the temperature was really freezing.  I need to take some pics of their famous historical places.I found out that they where not influence by any nationalities. That's why they have really their own culture. No one can just invade it. Ayuttahaya.

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