Feb 20, 2010

Buda Escapade

I have a wonderful Friday  with my co-teachers and staff at Seagul Resort We stayed at the  vacation haven of our church mate. Its been a stressful week  for me then. So I needed a break . And it was an answered prayer . The night before the said occasion I still hesitant to pack up. But as morning break, I decided to go. As we travel a two hour  ride. The temperature is elevating. Later on , we see the wonders of the beauty of green and luscious trees surrounding the hills and mountains. The air is different. The life style did  change. From a fast pace city life. To a day waiting for strangers  to pass and buy some food or vegetables for sale. The most wonderful thing that amazes me is the sun set. I never had an opportunity to see one during the whole year . I am seated at the top of the hill. And there I see some sets of sunsets with different meaning and reflection. I couldn't believe check it for your self.

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