Feb 14, 2010


                   I got married because I love him and he loves me. That's what I thought. He will serve me and vice versa. It is totally different. I was wondering that in this crazy thing called L-O-V-E many are gone astray. I was looking at married couple getting old together. Still holding hands, saying some silly jokes and giggling as if they are the  only person in  the whole world. I was thinking for young couples as they celebrate the Valentines Day. Is the love still there? Will I continue to accept who he or she is?
                  I have been married for almost 12 years now. I couldn't believe that  someone like him will love, serve, cuddle and cherish me despite of all the flaws.  For me there will never be someone who will  love me  unconditionally just the way I am. There  are times that I wanted to give up. There are moments I wish to be single . But almost the time talking and spending time together with my husband  I realized I am so lucky to found someone who will love me not only me  but also my family.
                  Actually I will be  spending  the Hearts night alone. My loving husband responded to the call of duty. He is not  a soldier. He is not a nurse neither a doctor. HE IS MY LOVING HUSBAND. Willing to sacrifice his time for MY FATHER. He will take care of my sick father in the hospital. He loves not only me but my family. He always have a ready hand to extend help to my immediate family. I am proud to marry him. I will continue to love him uncoditionally forever.                  


  1. you're very blessed sis..i hope i can find someone who is willing to take care of my parents if i'm not around

  2. i agree with shengy... :)