Feb 12, 2010

A Teacher

A teacher wears different kind of hats. Today she maybe a good friend, tomorrow be a good speaker or sometimes an enemy. In this developed world, the teacher have many stresses. Like  betting the deadline of paper works. Checking of students test  paper. Computing the grades. Writing  a lesson. Drawing  some materials for visual aids. With a meager salary. Even though how creative and very innovative the teacher will be. Their will come to a  point that she will lose interest to go on. The strength to improve . Because the children are getting more on "tech gadgets" that a teacher cannot compete on. 
I remember how the teachers are treated with respect and dignity in Thailand. Every "Teachers Day" you will see some older man and woman bringing some gifts, flowers and food to their old teachers. Just to be thankful how they become with their teachers help. It is real that behind the success of every man is a woman.We might never tell it is you TEACHER.To all the teachers of the world. Strive to be the best in everything. Be proud you are a TEACHER.

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