Feb 28, 2010

Earth quake

           As I was hearing from my  two daughters that their school always have an earthquake drill .They always complained that is so tiresome . I talked to them lately the benefits of being aware of what they are doing . Being ready is a defense with what you will do in the future.You might know when.
            As I was looking to all the photos taken by Reuters I was really shocked. Think of building smashed like card boards. Bridges like legos. Cars being smashed . Roads being rocked. Young and adults dismayed.  Rich and poor mixed. Men and women cried.
           Even though how ready we are we can never tell when. As long as we have  each other. Their will always be a help coming. People around the world is watching and extending help. Let us do our part.

Feb 26, 2010

Brown Out

      Is it because of the source is having scarcity of supply. Or because the businessman needed you to buy some gadget that will give me remedy with all the warm and uneasy feelings given the moment.  But for me and my family  I find it a bonding moment. We spent the moment taking pictures . Talking and running outside the house . Just to pass the moment. I have been enjoying the moments now. For others they will find it very disturbing.  Why don't you try spending time with your family outside? even your neighbors. It will be a pleasant moment connecting with others with lights off . All the gadget keeps  us close in our own shells. Let us explore the night time with our family  and neighbors. Especially during BROWN OUT.!!!!

Feb 24, 2010

Colored Drinks

                      I love to drink. I have this fascination before collecting different canned drinks. I don't like the taste but the colored combination of the cans really amazes me. I couldn't taste some of it because of its smell. I don't mind at all. Until I tasted the canned cola from a friend . Wow ! I tasted it with eyes blind folded. When I opened my eyes it is just an ordinary cola in our locality. And it tasted great. It adds life.

Feb 23, 2010


         The famous food America have introduced to the Filipinoes BURGERS. I have tasted IT before and I really fell in love with it. Before it will only be a dream to take a bite of their famous food chain in our local place. So I venture in tasting some local made just to compare how will it compete with the one. Some have thick and hard bun. Others have soft and yet the patties is so thin you will never notice it is there. But I tasted one burger wherein it was cook not on grills and it was really a taste of heaven. Unluckily you will never taste it again because the store closed. Where ! Where can it  be? I am still searching right now for some local made burgers that will replenish my hunger for the juicy , delicious and grilled burger. Do you know one?

Feb 22, 2010

Paying Bills

       I have been waiting for almost two hours just to be entertained . I couldn't believed it. But i waited since I don't have any appointment . While waiting my eyes was roaming around the place. The place seems so clean and presentable. Its fully airconditioned. It seems to have a system but they lack manpower. Can you imagine two clerks entertaining almost thirty customers waiting to be answered and problems to be solved. Then an elder woman was seated next to me. She open a conversation about paying bills. That she came from paying light bills and cable as well. She came here to complain about her gadget which she purchase from this office. So as we continue to talk .  She noticed that  customer service booth have only two to entertained. She said  in the other billing office they are different and really efficient . They have plenty of clerks and cashier to entertained us. It will only takes  five minutes. Then off you go to the next office. This billing office is far beyond compare to the other one. "she complained. So she went out and left. I couldn't imagine waiting for the next thirty minutes. When I was entertained about my inquiry I was shocked to hear her reply "No, Yes this is what you are suppose to pay".That's it. a Big Bang. Waiting for almost three hours. How cruel are you to waste my three hours? Hope our billing system will be more efficient.

Feb 21, 2010

Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig

An 8 hours drive makes me crazy . The road was so rough and as if you are in the rocky road. But you cannot believed the tall good lumber trees. Mahogany,  Narra , Apitong and Red Wood. The temperature is raising and I really felt the fog coming. In this place you just  can tour the place in three hours by walking. They have best the school. It is good for foreigners because the place is cool. You can never imagine that you will see also the best falls. Tinuy -an  Falls is the most favorite relaxing place for the locals. They really enjoys the place and what it can offer. The height is so amazing. Especially if you dare to reach the top of the falls. The current is strong and water is so clear. Every now and then you will see a dew drops because of the current of the water falls. Summer is approaching. You will see some arch of rainbow forming.  Try it you will never regret it.  


                     The original capital city of Thailand. I had a wonderful one year experienced teaching English to Pratum 1 to  3...Equivalent to gtrades 1-3 for us. I like the place, the exotic food and the people. I visited Wat Chaiwatanaram, Wat Monghon Bopit and plenty of Wats  (temple). At first the language was strange but eventually it was very easy to communicate to them even with different dialect used. Like I use English while they will just reply with their local dialect. We still can understand each other. I have a funny experience with a cook. One of the favorite food is tom yang a hot spicy soup with shrimp. I told the cook put a little of salt. She didn't understand me so I went to her cabinet and check if she have it. And I said this is it. We laugh because she is saying it with her language and  I was just describing it . I enjoy also their springtime  where all the trees are covered of  flowers. There summer was just a BIG HEAT. I couldn't imagine changing t-shirt three to four times a day.Drinking their top water is a big no. You need to buy it .  Their winter time is really  very cold. I cannot imagine a sunny morning and yet the temperature was really freezing.  I need to take some pics of their famous historical places.I found out that they where not influence by any nationalities. That's why they have really their own culture. No one can just invade it. Ayuttahaya.

Feb 20, 2010

Buda Escapade

I have a wonderful Friday  with my co-teachers and staff at Seagul Resort We stayed at the  vacation haven of our church mate. Its been a stressful week  for me then. So I needed a break . And it was an answered prayer . The night before the said occasion I still hesitant to pack up. But as morning break, I decided to go. As we travel a two hour  ride. The temperature is elevating. Later on , we see the wonders of the beauty of green and luscious trees surrounding the hills and mountains. The air is different. The life style did  change. From a fast pace city life. To a day waiting for strangers  to pass and buy some food or vegetables for sale. The most wonderful thing that amazes me is the sun set. I never had an opportunity to see one during the whole year . I am seated at the top of the hill. And there I see some sets of sunsets with different meaning and reflection. I couldn't believe check it for your self.

Feb 18, 2010

Choco bars

I always love to eat chocolate. Every now and then I have craving just to take a bite. I had a wonderful time tasting some choco bars jlast birthday and valentines day. Given to me by my pupils . They just noticed that I always have a hand of choco in my pocket, in my drawer or inside my bag. Today I took a bite of the most delicious choco ball I tasted. Its my first time to taste such a crunchy and chocolatey ball. It is Samba. I thought I will only dance. But I was indeed in Cloud 9. I could give as many Kisses as can . So that nobody can just Snitch it. What a Goya feeling? Tobleroney good.

Feb 16, 2010

free day

 I took the day off just to be with my sick daughters. I just couldn't believe it two in a row. The first one got fever with a nosebleed. The other with fever and asthma. I need to be with them. I am also not feeling well for the past days. How difficult it may seems but I need to to this not because I am obligated.  I am their mother. Just like a hen as she continue to scratch the soil to look for food. Her are eyes are circling just to be aware the where about of  her chicks. Funny it may seems, the chicks also follow where their mother hen is going. But their also some hard headed  chicks willing to discover other area for food. And when encountered with danger they will run back to their mother for a shelter. A free day  is not free at all. But free day from all the students nuisance gestures and sounds. Free from negative accusations from "perfect parents". What a day of solemn solace. Is it? Knowing I need to take care of my kids. Good they  are not  as naughty as I have in school. Free for a day. Have fun and take the day as free as ever.

Feb 15, 2010


How will you define it?  A thing that you deserve because you are abusing your body. Malnutrition. Poverty. No complete immunization. Or it runs in the family. I always wonder why? I am facing right now an emotional sickness. I cannot understand what I feel in a given situation. Meeting deadlines. Meeting people. Meeting the expectation of others. Meeting my personal dreams and aspiration.  Meeting .......just thinking. Am I bound for psychological breakdown?

Feb 14, 2010


                   I got married because I love him and he loves me. That's what I thought. He will serve me and vice versa. It is totally different. I was wondering that in this crazy thing called L-O-V-E many are gone astray. I was looking at married couple getting old together. Still holding hands, saying some silly jokes and giggling as if they are the  only person in  the whole world. I was thinking for young couples as they celebrate the Valentines Day. Is the love still there? Will I continue to accept who he or she is?
                  I have been married for almost 12 years now. I couldn't believe that  someone like him will love, serve, cuddle and cherish me despite of all the flaws.  For me there will never be someone who will  love me  unconditionally just the way I am. There  are times that I wanted to give up. There are moments I wish to be single . But almost the time talking and spending time together with my husband  I realized I am so lucky to found someone who will love me not only me  but also my family.
                  Actually I will be  spending  the Hearts night alone. My loving husband responded to the call of duty. He is not  a soldier. He is not a nurse neither a doctor. HE IS MY LOVING HUSBAND. Willing to sacrifice his time for MY FATHER. He will take care of my sick father in the hospital. He loves not only me but my family. He always have a ready hand to extend help to my immediate family. I am proud to marry him. I will continue to love him uncoditionally forever.                  

Feb 12, 2010

A Teacher

A teacher wears different kind of hats. Today she maybe a good friend, tomorrow be a good speaker or sometimes an enemy. In this developed world, the teacher have many stresses. Like  betting the deadline of paper works. Checking of students test  paper. Computing the grades. Writing  a lesson. Drawing  some materials for visual aids. With a meager salary. Even though how creative and very innovative the teacher will be. Their will come to a  point that she will lose interest to go on. The strength to improve . Because the children are getting more on "tech gadgets" that a teacher cannot compete on. 
I remember how the teachers are treated with respect and dignity in Thailand. Every "Teachers Day" you will see some older man and woman bringing some gifts, flowers and food to their old teachers. Just to be thankful how they become with their teachers help. It is real that behind the success of every man is a woman.We might never tell it is you TEACHER.To all the teachers of the world. Strive to be the best in everything. Be proud you are a TEACHER.

Feb 11, 2010

TGIF thank God its Friday

Why do we experience some Friday sickness? It is because you still have to spend one day to work and tomorrow will be a lazy Saturday. For me as a mother, everyday will be a total new experience. I  always expect the best. For my kids it will be their time to use the computer. Just to play or hear some new songs from their favorite artist. For my husband it will be a half day work. And the rest of the day will be  watching a movie together. The kids biking time. Maybe I rather  say " IM OMG" . Its Monday. Oh my God.

inspite or despite of

as I continue my daily task.
I always ask.
Inspite or Despite of.
I need to move.
So I get involved.
That's why I revolve.
So I can resolve all the problems.
So it will not dissolve.
Continue to prove.
That you can improve.

Feb 10, 2010

Father's Love

Three days from now we will be celebrating Valentines Day. How do we celebrate the day. A dinner in a fancy restaurant. A dozen of red roses. A bar of dark chocolate. Oh how sweet. With all the fancy things in the world. Have you ever think of giving something for your "Tatay" or dad. Did you ever said I love You in a sincere way. I always been an apple of eye of my father according to others. I don't know why. But it seems to be reel. Even though I haven't felt his love. I will continue to look at him as MY FATHER. To all the fathers in the world. Be the best that you can because your kids look up to you in a perfect heart. HAPPY VALENTINES FATHER. I love and always.