Feb 22, 2011

HIgh School Reunions

      " Every year as we get older we sometimes looked back with our old friends preferably our high school days."Does it mean we need to be at our best attire, best profession or best financial just to be noticed?
       Well as for me every time I wanted to meet them .I would always be ready for any situation or issues to tackle.Be initiative  and creative in communicating. Not much with flowering words but be spontaneous . All in perfect timing. You never have it all in just one setting.
         Thats why I ended the meeting with all the 3 G's  giggles, gags and gigs.The meeting seems to be very heart warming and looking forward for the next meeting.
         May we continue to find the joy in our old friends with an open heart. Leaving behind the 3 D's differencesdissemination and distances. For the meeting are meant to be memorable.

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