Feb 27, 2011

Second child syndrome

                        How will you identify as having a second child syndrome in you?
Some one to be the second child in the family.Or the middle of five siblings. Or the second to be born in chronological order.
                     You might be one of them even if though you are not. Do you find yourself to be struggling for attention and  power ? Throw tantrums immediately if you are not satisfied ? 
                      Personally I grew up in this things .  As I continue to struggle for attention. My  father's favorite is my elder brother while  our younger brother is mothers best. Would you take it against me if I will assert my rights? I really find it difficult to be my dads apple of the eye or the cream  of the crop. 
                    I realized that being in the middle you need to  exert more effort to be accepted , approved and align to what is in for you. I loved being here be able to reach out for the two to meet . It gives me more creative ways of reaching for them. And be a person of two world entwined to one goal. Be the best  I can be . 
                  Now that I have a daughter experiencing all of these things. I can relate and share to her how to deal with all the stresses having a second child syndrome. I for one expert in it.
                      Hope to be of help even for others who still struggles .

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