Feb 22, 2011


         My father just turned 89 years old last November. But prior his birthday he always forget the faces and their names.But would you believe that he reads the newspaper everyday and very updated with what is happening around the world. Both the local and international.
         How come he always asked?
        For example you were talking about the event I attended and the persons involved there. And what transpire there. For the next hour would be a disaster. You know why? He will keep on asking  the events, the people and the communication that took place. Oh my God. I just couldn't help it but be dismayed.
        Even the people  around him find him annoying. So I decided to always find answers to all his questions be it repeated several times.
        May I find the answers to all his questions.Like why he has to be in the hospital.? take the medicines?be checked in the clinic? or even eat the food we are offering? or to survive the pain he is in now.
         I may not have all the answers right now. For I am confuse for I know he is too.

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