Mar 15, 2011

Ela : Upclose with David Pomeranz

     When Ela  joined the school choir. She was very reluctant to practice everyday even during Saturday. She so engrossed with play time. But when she was informed that she will meet one very famous international singer and composer. 
      Her interest was awaken. As she so excited to meet this guy. I know she did not know him. I told her that his songs are very famous such " King and Queens of hearts" and " I was born to love you." And lots of songs to mentioned. He is one of the supporters of operation smile in the Philippines. And he gave a concert timely for valentines day.
      The day comes to meet DAVID POMERANZ .She was mesmerized and couldn't speak. I saw her uneasy ways to deal with the man. I know she is afraid . But one thing I am sure of she is delighted and thankful for this once in a life experience. Singing next to a very famous international singer. Back up singers for " In our hands". I  for one is an avid fan of the man. Thanks for the songs that continue to linger to our ears.

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