Mar 29, 2011

Tress MARIAS: Baby gadgets

                      When I am about to have a family of my own. I started thinking of what would soothe the needs of my little angels. Can it be convertible crib? If you think of all those things you can never missed crib linens and crib blankets. Well as I continue to look in the stores. I realized that there are varieties of convertible crib. It may handy but very expensive. I found on that is very nice. With all the small compartments for the diapers and other babies need tacked into the convertible crib.
              I realized it is not good for me nor for my baby. My eldest daughter , Cj is  diagnosed to be colic. Which means she needs to be cuddled every now and then.  So  I preferred buying some crib linens   to wrap her around. And some crib blankets to carry her. She is always by my side. She wanted me to sing some songs. Mind you if you put her on bed. She will screamed out.
             For my second daughter Ela I have a convertible crib . My sister in law hand me down some of her old one. This time I find it very useful. Especially having Cj around. She fusses sometime. Asking some time out with me. It is useful too when I am cooking some meal. This time I bought some new crib linen and crib blankets .Ela prefers to be in bed. She seats still and before you knew it. She’s fast asleep.
                For my third daughter Kim , is a different story. Since she came in five years after. All the convertible crib, crib linens and crib blankets are given to  my relatives. Then I bought a rattan crib which is also lasting. I used it also as part of their play area. I find it very economic and toxic free. It can accommodate also three kids inside. A play pen and storage area in one.
           Well , right now the kids are big. It doesn’t matter if they have used the most expensive convertible crib, crib blankets and linen. As long as they are  love .Coming from their very comfortable parents. They will continue to enjoy the simple life their parents can give them.

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  1. Guess I have to think about buying crib for my future children.;-)