Mar 7, 2011

Sweepers tool in the Philippines

                 One day as I was just wondering and wasting my time in the park. I took notice to what a street sweeper will do. I could'nt take  my eyes on her  sweeping back in fort. One thing that makes me wonder how will she cope up with that day.  It was a windy day. And the leaves continue to fall. As she continue to sweep from end point to end. She still continue to struggles the strong winds. I thought for a while being a street sweeper will be an easy job. Just a glass of water to wipe all the dryness the wind brings.But I was wrong. She needs to cope up with the stresses the street gives and the nature itself.

                 Now I realized that the sweeper will continue to do her job as it requires to satisfy her employer. The people may not noticed their contributions to our community. But take note it will increase our tourist. The popularity of our city will gain credit.So we also gives credit to our street sweeper.
                   Let us do our part by throwing our little candy wrappers, cigarette butts and etc. Just look at the tools our street sweeper used. 


  1. I like your post, virtuous. I also notice them here in Davao city streets. You're right that citizens should also do their part by not littering anywhere.

  2. thanks NOnoy are you a local resident in Davao City..