Mar 8, 2011

TRES MARIAS: Ice cream flavor

          One scorching afternoon,  we are  just in our little Nipa house for a siesta. It was indeed very hot even though summer is not yet here. So I called up my tres marias  and asked them " well , I am planning to have an ice cream later this afternoon. what flavor will it be?
         Cj said " wow ! that would be  a relief . I wanted some chocolate truffles . You really can taste the chocolatey goodness.
           Ela said " yummy. My mouth is watering already thinking of my favorite Pistachio. With nuts and the cool color green of the ice cream . Tastes heavenly.
           Kim said "  I like the yellow color and the taste as well of the Mango. The combination of sweetness entwined with a little sourness.
            I scratched my head and wonder what will I buy with those three distinct colors and flavors.If you where to choose which one  do you like?
            Instead I made a Mango shake for all of us to enjoy. And the winner is ?

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