Mar 22, 2011

Friends and Relatives with cancer

    I used to hear from other people about their friends and relatives who have a cancer. I could not believe that in the present day. I will experience  some of it. 

    I am saddened to hear from my friends that  she has cancer of  breast and others will be in other organ.Why? Why? Especially those who have  young children who will be left behind.
   Right now, I am experiencing the pain and stresses. My father was diagnosed to have a stage four in urinary bladder. Every now and then he will be in the hospital.  I loved him so much.
     Looking at him everyday. Losing diet and weight. It seems to be unbearable .I .cannot have a decent conversation . He seems to be disoriented . 
     He is always my rock. My all in all. How will I say  good bye? I am confident he will always be. Others will see him having a good fight of his life. Even in confinement in the hospital he will always welcome the nurse and the doctors with a big smile.  He will say I am ok and I will be fine. 

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  1. So sad to know this. I believe that your father is a strong man. Be his best companion...

    Thanks for all visits. Just added your link in Friends' Links; sorry for the late...